Treasury Service


Our treasury services include the provision of advanced solutions for foreign exchange needs and investment in fixed income securities. Our treasury services team offers customers the latest market development and trends to enable decision-making on currency risk management and investment. Our treasury team offers regular updates on the trends in foreign exchange and other markets to enable customers to manage risk.


  • 1. Handling of major international and regional currencies
  • 2. Competitive pricing
  • 3. Real-time updates


All Forex transactions are subject to the current Sierra Leone Exchange Control regulations. Any foreign currency purchase from the bank shall be documented in accordance with the regulation in place.


The Central Bank of Sierra Leone on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone issues Treasury Bills with maturities of 91, 182, and 364 days and Treasury Bonds with maturities from 1-3 years.

The bank provides timely information on market developments and announcements and also assists investors with the following:

  • 1. Submitting applications for subscription to these securities at the announced auctions.
  • 2. Holding the securities on behalf of the investors.
  • 3. Buying/selling the securities in the secondary market.


The primary purpose of financial markets is to move funds from lenders to borrowers. The money market refers to borrowing and lending for 365 days or less. A money market instrument is a security with a maturity date of less than one year from the current date. Examples include Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, and Bankers Acceptances. Sierra Leone Commercial Bank engages in the purchase of all Government securities for its customers.


Sierra Leone Commercial Bank's foreign exchange services provide for the conversion of one currency into another currency, including Foreign Exchange spot/purchase, Foreign Exchange Forwards and swaps (interbank transfer), and Swift Transfers.

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