Women's Banking Account

Women's Banking Account

This is a combined savings and credit product primarily aimed at market women and petty traders, tailored to support women's businesses and livelihoods, allowing the woman to manage her financial life with ease and confidence.


  • 1. Flexible low-interest rate per month.
  • 2. Low initial deposit.
  • 3. Stable account balance that qualifies the account holder to access a loan under the scheme.
  • 4. Loans to boost working capital, invoice financing, etc.


  • 1. Saves lost income from leaving your business to transact banking away from your business place.
  • 2. Open and service the account in markets near where you live and work.
  • 3. Competitive interest rates.
  • 4. Low-interest rates on loans.
  • 5. Doorstep banking service through our Women's banking relationship officers and Tellers.
  • 6. Transact digitally with ease and reliability.
  • 7. Quick approval and disbursement of loan.
  • 8. Comfortable repayment tenure.

Target Market

  • 1. Women Trader Group Leaders (Aminatas).
  • 2. General Traders Associations.
  • 3. Individual women engaged in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).


  • 1. Valid identification card.
  • 2. Two passport-size picture.
  • 3. Engaged in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise.

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