Savings Account


A savings account is an interest-bearing financial product that allows you to deposit your money. Our customers are free to withdraw their money whenever they desire it. It is safe and secure and also allows you to enjoy other products and services that we offer.

Required documents to open a savings account:

  • 1. Three (3) passport-sized photos with a white background
  • 2. Copy of signatory identity (e.g., passport, national ID, driver's license, etc.)
  • 3. Proof of residence (e.g., utility bills, rent receipt, work permit, etc.)
  • 4. Risk rating
  • 5. Notarized documents for overseas customers


This is a savings account designed for high net worth individuals (HNIs) with a minimum deposit of NLE 10,000. The account comes with a cheque book facility, a VIP card, a dedicated teller, and charges normal C.O.T after a maximum of two monthly withdrawals. The VIP card provides exceptional service and allows for transactions without standing in queues at a cost determined by management. Cash can also be delivered to the customer's office through a dedicated teller or their relationship manager. If no withdrawals are made, an interest rate of 5% will be paid. However, if withdrawals are made, a monthly charge of Le 10 will be deducted from the account.

Features of VIP Savings Account:

  • 1.  Minimum deposit of NLE 10,000
  • 2. Cheque book facility
  • 3. VIP card
  • 4. Dedicated teller
  • 5. Charges normal C.O.T after a maximum of two monthly withdrawals


  • 1. C.O.T for more than two withdrawals and interest for no withdrawals
  • 2. Invitation to VIP account holder cocktail yearly
  • 3. Branded corporate gifts yearly 
  • 4. Mobile app sign up
  • 5. Premium Visa card
  • 6. Dedicated teller and relationship officer

Documentation required:

  • 1. ID card of the customer
  • 2. Proof of address of the customer
  • 3. Two passport pictures”


This account is for customers who want to save a monthly sum for their kids from their normal savings account for a period up to the child's 18th birthday. It is also suitable for those who wish to save for a specific period of time ranging from the toddler stage (0 to 18 years) up to university students who are saving for college fees, provided there is adequate proof of acceptance from a recognized university. To open the account, we will need the parent or guardian's ID, proof of address, and the child's birth certificate and passport picture, along with that of the parent or guardian. A new form will be designed to capture the necessary details for the KYC process. For this account, a proposed interest rate of 8% is offered to encourage customers to save for a long time. Customers must make a minimum of one withdrawal per month; otherwise, the interest will be forfeited.

Features of Mi-Yone Pikin Account

This is a savings account for minors up to 18 years of age and for college students who can provide a valid college ID. The account requires a minimum balance of NLE 50 and is opened as a joint savings account with the child's birth certificate or the student's university acceptance form or student ID card. The account can be converted to a normal savings account after a certain period of time by closing the Smart Kids account and linking it to a regular savings account.


  • 1. There are no fees for this account, and customers can make one withdrawal per month.
  • 2. Free annual statements are provided, and customers can sign up for the mobile app.
  • 3. Account holders are invited to the SKS Fun Fair for free, and kids receive a free branded gift.
  • 4. Account holders also have access to school fee loans.


  • 1. ID card of the parent or guardian
  • 2. ID card/school ID card/birth certificate of the child or student
  • 3. Proof of address of the guardian/student
  • 4. 2 passport pictures of the parent/guardian and child or student


After conducting research, we have found that many Muslims wish to save without the payment of interest or the deduction of C.O.T. To cater to their needs, we are offering the Mi-Yone Islam account. This is strictly a savings account with no minimum deposit, no interest, or charges. The account is meant to encourage customers to maintain their deposits for a long period of time starting from three months and above. The details of this period will be discussed by the Relationship Officers with the customers.

Features of Mi-Yone Islam Account:

  • 1. Initial deposit of NLE 50
  • 2. No withdrawals allowed within a period of 3 months and above
  • 3. If withdrawals are done monthly, the funds will be sent to a normal individual current account.
  • 4. Available for all ages
  • 5. No interest or C.O.T charge


  • 1. Other available bank services like ATM Visa and mobile app

Documentation required:

  • 1. ID card or NASSIT card of the customer 
  • 2. Proof of address of the customer
  • 3. Two passport pictures.


This is a new account product set up for customers to save towards retirement. It is a savings account which customers can set up for a period of time ranging from one year and above. It is set up with an interest rate of 10% and standing order facilities. The account is linked to the customer's main savings account, and a standing order facility can be set up to save an amount from the main salary account towards a set period of time.

Features of Mi-Yone Retirement Account:

  • 1. An initial deposit of NLE 100 is required for this savings account
  • 2. 10% yearly interest for this savings account
  • 3. Opened as a savings account


  • 1. Other available bank services like ATM Visa and mobile app
  • 2. Tendency to be given a VIP card if the deposit is more than Le 100mm
  • 3. Higher interest rate
  • 4. 1 free statement per year


  • 1. Account opening form
  • 2. ID card/NASSIT card
  • 3. Proof of address
  • 4. 2 passport pictures

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