Salone Link Local Money Transfer


Salone Link money transfer is a financial service offered by SLCB to transfer (send/receive) money locally wherever you are in Sierra Leone to an individual, whether or not the sender/recipient has an account with us. To access this service, all you need to do is visit any of our branches, and you will be able to access this service.


  • 1. Just visit any of our offices/branches.
  • 2. The sender/receiver does not need an account.
  • 3. It is fast, reliable, and secure.
  • 4. To pick up the cash, you have to visit any of our branches and show the unique code.


  • 1. Western Union – MTCN 10 digits.
  • 2. MoneyGram- Reference number – 8 digits.
  • 3. Small World Folio or MTN – Varies between 11 to 14 digits (folio for SLCB starts with 101 & 102 followed by the MTN).
  • 4. Ria – Order Number (for bank deposits) and PIN for cash pickup – 11 digits.
  • 5. Passport / Driver's License / National ID / NASSIT ID / Voter's ID / Government Institution issued ID.
  • 6. Accurate sender/recipient details.
  • 7. Applicable purpose/reason(s) for sending transactions.

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